Accumulation Water Cooler

The RE L cooler covers are entirely made of brushed stainless steel. The housings are removable, without tools , and their easy disassembly allows quick access to all components. The installation and maintenance are also carried out without any difficulty. The rounded shape of the stainless steel storage tank makes cleaning easier.

All chillers are equipped with adjustable jack feet to easily adjust their level. These legs are retractable for suspended coolers.

The RE L90 and RE L120 are equipped with an outdoor direct-reading water column. This column offers a double advantage:

  • it allows at any time to control the level of water contained in the stainless steel tank
  • when filling the kneader, it precisely measures the number of liters of water

​Development: An Accessibility Facility

  • The accumulation of water is guaranteed by an oversized round tank. The stainless steel bowl is insulated with soft polyurethane foam.
  • All cooling coils are made of stainless steel. The spacing of the stainless steel tubes of the coil is maintained over the entire height to ensure a perfect exchange.
  • The circulation of water is ensured between all the tubes of the coil: the contact is maximum.
  • With the combination of a water agitator, the efficiency is optimized to the maximum. This exchange efficiency reduces operating costs and energy consumption.
  • The refrigeration system works with refrigerant R452A , which is perfectly adapted to this type of operation.
  • The expansion of the refrigerant is ensured by a regulator permanently controlling an optimal supply of the coil.
  • Chillers are equipped with a 10/12 potable water supply connection and overflow vent. The filling is automatic with a permanent control of the internal water level.
  • A water filter with high filtration capacity, ensures a tidy water without impurity.
  • The RE L 250 comes standard with a built-in circulation pump. It is optional on RE L90 and RE L120.

Control Panel​

Simplicity and Precision

  • The electromechanical control panel allows extreme precision as to the desired temperature. The thermostat controls the temperature of the water to the nearest 10th degree. The blue color of the display makes reading more enjoyable.
  • A switch allows to choose the cooling of the water, or a stirring only to enjoy a water at a room temperature without additional stress of energy.