Bentone B 30

Bentones family of intermediate burners are well designed and robust burners aimed for an industrial process or heating of semi large commercial buildings. For many years these burners has been the backbone of Bentone and we have constantly modernized our burners to meet the new demands of modern regulations and lower NOx levels.

Capacity: 4,5-17 kg/h (55-200 kW)

Probably the worlds most succesful burner with endless installations in various applications. The original design goes back to the ’70s but as with many of our burners we have constantly modified and perfected our design over the years.

Ecodesigned approved according to class 4 (ErP)


  • Energy saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Approved according to EN 267
  • Hydraulic air adjustment
  • Servo motor air adjustment
  • Available with hydraulic air adjustment or air damper motor
  • Approved for RME (FAME)
  • Available with LMV37
  • Available according to Annex J/K