Dough Moulder

The BERTRAND PUMA EURO 2000 SR is a vertical type of moulder that aids the user in the sheeting and shaping of the dough for making baguettes, large and small long breads.

Dough Moulderr.jpg

Features of Dough Moulder

  •  Composed of 2 stainless steel frames linked by metallic braces.

  • Sheeting unit consists of 2 plastic cylinders, fixed on tight ball bearings and of a 3rd cylinder enabling the approach of the dough piece.

  • Every rotating parts are mounted on sealed ball bearings.

  • Motor is protected by a thermal circuit breaker.

  • Scrapers are easily removable.

  • Articulated spout protects operator.

  • Extractable drawer covered with felt, receives moulded pieces coming of machine.