Gas Oven


  • Improved heat penetration by far infrared rays.
  • Simultaneous heating with thermal convection by gas combustion and far infrared rays improve heat penetration into products to provide good baking finish.
  • Forced combustion mixes air and gas most effectively to remarkably improve thermal efficiency with use of 60% of energy required for the conventional oven, resulting in remarkable reduction of fuel cost. (in-Company Comparison)
    Perfect safety design.
  • The upper and lower burners are always checked and incorporate double or triple safety devices.
  • A full-scaled Oven for French Bread is also available.
  • Equipped with a steam generator.
  • The oven bed employs MIOREX to realize baking with high heat retaining property.
  • It is a unit system which allows partial baking. Available are abundant types with pans Inserting capacity ranging from 2 pans to 24 pans.
  • Ovens for sponge cakes are also available, Voluminous baking with better heat penetration.