Designs, manufactures and distributes a complete and homogeneous range of ovens for the bakery, pastry, pastries, whether traditional or from frozen bases (raw and pre-cooked). Also Pavailler supplies your baking and pastry cooking solutions since 1946 in France and around the world.

Our offer is vast, both in terms of deck ovens to rack ovens of convection ovens or modular ovens. It can meet your energy requirements, furnace space, work flow or product variety. Many special executions are also possible.

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Bertrand-Puma, the specialist in dough preparation and processing equipment, for pastry bakers.
Its customers are bread-making professionals, distribution groups, retail chains (franchises and others) and industrial producers.

Beyond its role as a major manufacturer, Bertrand-Puma considers itself to be a worldwide bakery specialist dealing in the manufacturing process of bread and bread-derived products.

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Since July 1979, CFI has made a place for itself in the field of product refrigeration for bakers and pastry-makers, thanks mainly to a concern for quality which has always been of particular importance to CFI.

The company, located in Lavaveix-les-Mines and comprising some 40 employees, manufactures and markets equipment for retarding-proofing, conservation and blast freezing.

Sunmix was born from the experience gained over the years by Omdg SRL . Founded in 1986 OMDG SRL is an artisan company specialized in the mechanical machining sector.

In 2008 it expanded its production sector, absorbing the ERCAV company which has been designing and manufacturing spiral kneading machines from 6 to 60 kg of dough for over 40 years.


The experience in the production of this type of machinery, combined with the expertise and ability in the mechanical sector, have created a new series of high quality products, for a high level functionality.


In 2016 the Sunmix brand, looking to the future with a view to continuous growth, decided to expand by developing a new line of spiral kneading machines for breading from 80 to 200 kg of dough.


A continuous research and improvement of our products, the quality sustained by the MADE IN ITALY and an extreme care followed with professionalism guarantee an excellent quality - price ratio.


The company also has fast and efficient after-sales services and a capable and accurate assistance able to satisfy all customer needs.