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GC 200

GC 200


The model GC 200 unit, made entirely of painted steel or with stainless steel 304 panels, has been designed to ensure superior results in croissant production. The sheet of dough, rolled with the rolling pin, is laid on the feed table. Two side disks trim the dough and the waste falls into a special container. The dough is rolled by the gauging cylinders to ensure uniform weight, and the dough sheets are joined together to enable continuous machining. The triangles are cut in two stages, separated and conveyed automatically to the curling unit that rolls up the product as if it were done by hand


  • The double seat cutting station avoids the dough to stick in the moulds.
  • Thanks to by-pass table, you can cut whatever else shape, different from croissant
  • The conveyor belts can be replaced easily by the operator