• The DiviTrad® Legend, the new generation fo the legendary DiviTrad® that has been
    used for many years, is equipped with cutting blades allowing a division in 20 squareshaped pieces.
  • The DiviTrad® Single Cut, with its new exclusive cutting system Single Cut, allows you
    to cut your dough directly into 10 baguette-shaped pieces
  • The design and materials used in the construction of the DiviTrad® are designed to
    allow easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Offers a flour projection shield as standard. When the pusher (dough) are lifted, these
    particles are pushed towards a totally sealed network : they are then collected in a
    removable drawer.
  • Automatic Cycle: Push n’ Bake
  • Up to 48 cutting shapes are available with the stainless steel DiviTrad® grids.
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