• The Fermentolevain® range guarantees that your natural leaven capacity matches your
  • All our Fermentolevain® models allow you to keep your basis leaven for several days and
    produce refreshed leaven in the strictest hygiene conditions. It is now possible to make
    the leaven « Chef » in Fermentolevain®.
  • All of them, even with the smallest tank capacity have a heating cord and cooling coil
    designed to promote maturing and storage of natural leaven.
  • You can modulate storage length to adapt to your leaven production and work hours.
    The ferments are redeveloped at each refreshed leaven, as a result of the unique mixing
    and the control of the temperature. It is possible to preserve the leaven for 3 days
    without a refreshed leaven.
  • Using natural leaven shortens fermentation and kneading time. As the glutinous tissue
    is much more structured, mechanical operations are easier : the dough is more supple,
    which facilitates lamination and moulding, cutting is sharper and the dough is less sticky.
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